Grappa Riserva 983

Grappa Riserva 983

Cuvée obtained from three distillates  expertly aged and masterfully blended, in order to get a unique product with a strong flavour.  Riserva 983 contains the flavours of the distillates with which it is made,  very old Amarone Grappa and Barolo Grappa, and, above all, a brandy aged over 20 years that give it a colour similar to ancient mahogany and an impressive taste on the palate.

GRAPE VARIETY: Cuvèe obtained from three very old distillates (60% brandy aged over 20 years, 20% old Amarone grappa, 20% old Barolo grappa)
ALCOHOL CONTENT: 42% by Volume
AGING AND FINING: 6 years in cherry wood barrels

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