The history of the Della Valle Distillery starts in 1983 in Vigliano d’Asti, in the heart of Piedmont’s wine-producing tradition.
Having built up a long experience in the sector, the dream of Roberto della Valle, passionate oenologist and expert of the world of wine and grappa, comes true. Technique, knowledge, innovation, specific market research: these are just some of the main characteristics that have allowed the Della Valle Distillery to grow exponentially, while maintaining the prestigious label of excellent artisan company. An artisan tradition that is currently finding its continuity in the next generation of his children, Lorenzo and Federica, without forgetting the importance of Roberto’s wife and mother to his children, Paola’s support as the company grew, always present within the company. The purpose is the same: to produce and market niche products based on the clients’ needs.
The company uses a discontinuous bain-marie distillation system to produce distillates from an expert selection of fresh marcs. Ageing is the main technique that distinguishes this company because, as well as the 18 month ageing in oak barriques, there is also a unique technique used to age Grappa di Barbera for a total of 10 years in barriques that were previously used to age Marsala, Passito di Pantelleria, Port, Whiskey, Picolit and Malvasia delle Lipari; in this way, the product in the barriques extracts a large part of the main fragrances contained within the cracks of the wood, giving the grappa extremely distinctive scents and tastes.