Ice Grappa

Ice Grappa is made with a traditional procedure that can be described in three phases:
1) Pancalieri Peppermint leaves (Italo-Mithcam Botanic Variety), are infused with the grappa. After 60
days, the grappa is separated from the leaves which are pressed to best extract the oil contained in the
plant. The liquid obtained by the pressing is added to the grappa that had been previously separated from
the leaves;
2) The second procedure involves the re-distillation of the above product with a discontinued method and
at a low temperature, in order to avoid excessive evaporation of the extracted aromatic part;
3) The third procedure involves refrigeration and filtration.
Organoleptic characteristics:
1) Colour: The grappa is transparent and has an alcohol content of 38% vol;
2) Aroma: you can appreciate the freshness of the grappa together with a delicate, sweet hint of menthol
on the nose;
3) How to serve: This grappa must be served at a temperature of 4-6°C. At this temperature, the product’s
organoleptic expansion can be best enjoyed with its surprising aftertaste and high sensation of freshness.
Little-known fact:
Pancalieri is a small municipality in the province of Turin, at the foot of the Alps, where they have always
cultivated peppermint – known and appreciated throughout the world.
The excellent characteristics of the land and the perfect micro-climate make this area the perfect place for
this kind of cultivation.

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